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November 19th, 2011 abcarc15

Happy Weekend, everyone!  I can’t say that life on campus is too shabby, nowadays. Papers have been due, others have been returned, group projects are being made…but the close community Holy Cross offers makes it so that no hardworking student feels alone.

Last Wednesday night, the extended orientation leaders in my dorm put on an event where students got to talk about their transition to college and what opportunities they’ve been able to explore so far at HC. I was lured into the social meeting place with the promise of milk and cookies, as well as hearing one of my friends speak about her experience. However, I ended up staying for the entire event when I listened to how different and unique everyone’s paths were that all ultimately lead us to the same school.

inside fenwick theatre

The next night, everyone from my Montserrat cluster attended a play in Fenwick Theatre. The very talented students put on The Changeling and I think it’s pretty safe to say that the production was unlike any that I’ve ever seen before. [And yes, I’ve actually seen my fair share of plays.] After the performance ended, the students, as well as the director, were kind enough to hold a discussion and answered everyone’s questions about the twisted, complex, and well written play.

With Thanksgiving break just around the corner, the academic load has been getting pretty heavy. This past week, I had three important papers due! While I had to put in a lot of extra hours to complete my assignments, I found myself remembering a point made in the discussion on that Wednesday. At Holy Cross, we students all have goals and the determination to work hard. In this kind of environment, it is easy to find friends who will study with you, take a trip to the library with, or even just commiserate with you.

Last night, the basketball team took on Boston College at the DCU Center…and won! It was great to see all the purple and black in the crowd. Many of us went over in the bus together, our school spirit undeniable in the enclosed space.

outside the dcu center

After two days of class on Monday and Tuesday, it’ll be Thanksgiving Break! I’ll be sure to update once back on the hill.

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