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hello, winter break

December 20th, 2011 abcarc15

Hello from California!

While I’m back home for our leisurely long break, I’m still recovering from finals last week. Quiet hours in the dorms were extended and became 24/7 and all the Crusaders were definitely taking advantage of it.

Though Holy Cross students no doubt love to enjoy themselves, we also study hard. From Dinand to the Science Library, books and laptops were pulled out all day and all night.

midnight breakfast, anyone?

The school is very understanding of the stress students are going through. Something my friends and I took advantage of more than once was the nightly Midnight Breakfasts. After the first one occurred at Kimball, Crossroads became the spot for the remainder of the week.  There was bacon, eggs, home fries, breakfast sandwiches, orange juice…pretty much anything you might need to jump start your late night study sessions.

Though I have yet to have a course in the Science buildings, my friends and I were able to get a nice study room in Smith Labs  one evening and all work there. Later on in the week, a friend and I even treated ourselves to a lunch at the Science Cafe, which is known around campus as the most delicious dining spot on Mt. St. James.

I’m so happy to be home and get quality time with my family and friends over here. But, I have to be honest, I’m already missing my college friends and life in Worcester. Next semester, with the promise of new classes and probably some snow, is going to be very exciting. Here’s hoping 2012 brings even nearly as many milestones as 2011 has! Happy Holidays, everyone!

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