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April 23rd, 2012 abcarc15

The end of the year has been filled with plenty to keep the students of Holy Cross busy. With online registration last week, exams, essays, athletic events, Relay for Life, a student production of an original play, and my dorm’s Mr. Mulledy competition, it’s been hard to get bored on Mt. St. James.

Today was the Accepted Students Day at the College and I was able to meet a couple prospective students.  From all that I’ve heard, the day was a success and hopefully many of the new Crusaders were able to enjoy a glance of the next four years here!

If you’re still pondering your decision and are curious about Holy Cross, I figured I’d give a little list of reasons why I’ve lately been glad I made my choice to be a Crusader!

1. The availability of the professors for office hours, due to small class sizes and enthusiastic instructors.

2. Frozen yogurt at Kimball. Always hits the spot. Especially with rainbow sprinkles.

3. Sense of community. Can’t walk from building to building without having a person or two to wave and smile at.

4. I always feel safe. Whether I’m walking to class at 8:45 am or walking back to my dorm at 2:30 am, there is never a doubt in my mind that I’m going to make it safely to my destination.

5. Though I have yet to finish my first year at Holy Cross, it’s already been everything I wanted in a college experience and more.

Here’s ’til next time!

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