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September 30th, 2012 abcarc15

Hello, everyone! I know that this has been my first blog post since the new year, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anything to tell! Now that I’ve been able to settle into my new schedule, I figured it was about time to let you all know about how I’ve been keeping myself busy back on Mount St. James!

This year, I have moved to a pretty desirable location on Easy Street, Lehy Hall! It’s great to have friends on my floor and even more downstairs, while still being able to meet some new people and smile at more friendly faces.

Having declared an English major in April of last year, I am now in CRAW Poetry, a course that I will complete and have it go towards my major. While this course will really start me off in my academic endeavors, I am fortunate to have a background in Holy Cross English with a CRAW Fiction class last year and my Montserrat, which had a literature focus.

Along with English, I am taking courses in Philosophy, French, and Religion.

Classes keep me plenty busy, as can be expected as a Holy Cross Crusader. However, my schedule doesn’t end with the final minute of class. I have decided to continue being part of the College Choir, which has been a great decision. We’ve already even had the pleasure of singing at the Presidential Inauguration a couple of weeks ago!

Singing at the Inauguration (I'm in the middle of the front row!)

Looking for some other ways to become involved in the Holy Cross community, I have joined SPUD and volunteer with two of my friends at St. Mary’s, part of the Befriending the Elderly division. We’ve only had two visits so far, but it’s been eye opening and a great way to interact with people in such a different stage of life as myself and my classmates.

I’ve joined an intramural soccer team and have been taking zumba classes in the Hart Center. They’re both great chances for coping with stress, having a good time, and clocking in some hours of some good old fashioned exercise during the week!

Hart Center

Well, I have a French exam tomorrow, so it’s time to hit the books! Until next time!

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