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hello, nemo

February 18th, 2013 abcarc15

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been back at school for a while now and figured I’d keep you all updated! So far, I’m having a blast, there’s so much going on at Holy Cross and it’s only February!

As far as classes go, I’m fortunate to really be getting into my English major with courses in both 20th Century American and 20th Century British Literature. As someone who obviously has a great interest  in reading and writing, it’s incredible how much material I am able to cover along with my professors and classmates in these courses. I’m also continuing with French, currently enrolled in the 202 class this semester. I am also fulfilling my second course in the Social Science core requirements with a class in Sociology. While I took Psychology last year, it’s interesting to see how this particular social science has its unique identity, a focus much more on social relationships and interactions between human beings than Psych.

As far as events, it was so great to watch the Mr. Valentine competition this past Thursday, hosted by the Relay for Life group. One of my best friends has been involved with the Relay for Life club for the past two years and I think it was such an excellent idea that the committee decided to put on a pageant of sorts with hilarious segments of beachwear and talent before crowning a winner. Relay for Life is such an important event that aids cancer research and the competition was a great, light-hearted way to acknowledge the celebration of life and laughter, especially since it was held on Valentine’s Day. The actual Relay will be taking place in April and I’m already registered and ready to go!

the mr. valentine competition about to begin

Backtracking a little bit, it’s hard to think about the East Coast these days without recognition of the crazy amount of snow we’ve had lately! A couple of weekends ago, Holy Cross was definitely hit by the Nor’easter called Nemo. I was bombarded by texts and calls from family members and friends back West asking how I was holding up in the blizzard. How was I holding up? To be honest, I got really excited! Sure, I’d like the temperature to be warmer, but it’s been cold the entire semester. At least the snow was beautiful! Honestly, anything on our campus is pretty much eye candy. It was super fun to make the trek down to Kimball in the fresh new powder. I think a lot of my East Coast friends thought I was getting a little too excited, but I’m telling you, you can be from California and enjoy it!

a picture my friend took just after nemo hit

There’s plenty more excitement happening on the hill and I can’t wait to tell you more about it! Hope you’re all enjoying your winter, wherever you are!

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