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December 4th, 2011 abcarc15

It’s that time of year! Since returning from Thanksgiving break this weekend, plenty of decorations have been put up all around campus. There’s paper snowflakes outside my door and cheery carols playing from a room or two at nearly any given moment. Kimball has been all decked out, as well! Thursday night, there was one of the Breakfast for Dinner meals, but the pancakes and bacon weren’t the most exciting parts. There were Christmas carols playing, Santa stopped by, there was coloring and a raffle…certainly a great way to destress from all the work the end of a semester promises!

destressin' and exercisin'

And a lot of work there is still left to do! I have a big presentation coming up in my Russian Cinema class and a Montserrat paper, as well. Tomorrow, I have an in class essay in my English class. After a long week of school, I love going to the gym at Loyola. That’s always a good way to take my mind off all the work even for just a little bit!

The holiday spirit on campus is really keeping a lot of us, myself included, motivated to get through these next couple of weeks. And while going home for Christmas will be a wonderful break, I have to say that I’m already starting to feel a little sentimental about leaving Worcester for that long of a time. Here’s hoping that these next couple of weeks are as painless as possible, productive, and I can end my first semester at HC with a smile.

Updates in the future, as always!

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