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March 13th, 2012 abcarc15

While I haven’t updated the blog in a while, that certainly doesn’t mean that life on the Holy Cross campus has been at a standstill!

I’ve just come back from Spring Break where I got the grand tour of my friends’ states and their homes. Since I will be going back home for Easter in a couple weeks, I decided that it would be an enjoyable experience to visit with some of my new college friends for this past week.

First, I stayed with a friend who lives just outside Worcester. While I have been living in this city for a number of months now, it was great to see it as a resident and not just a college student. We saw movies, bought decorations for St. Patrick’s Day, and shopped around at places like Blackstone and the Solomon Pond Mall.

blackstone's only a short distance from HC

I also was lucky enough to visit friends in Connecticut and New Jersey, having a couple of fun stops in NYC and the Jersey Shore! While the wind was chilly all around and we even experienced some early March snow, the weather since returning this past Sunday has been beautiful!

My friends and I enjoyed the weather yesterday by shedding the heavy coats, boots, and gloves and lounging outside the Hogan Center to do some homework and listen to some tunes.

Before spring break, my Montserrat cluster participated in  a 24 hour technology fast. While it was certainly difficult to coordinate getting together for dinner and other practicalities, it was honestly an insightful experience that gave me a new perspective on our generation’s dependency on all those electronic devices.

hart center...where the hockey happens

My friends and I have gone to two of the men’s hockey games at the Hart Center. Coming from the West Coast where professional hockey is all I would be exposed to from the sport, it’s been a really great way for me to unwind on a Friday or Saturday evening.

I’ll keep you updated as the semester progresses! Happy March, everyone!

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