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hello, snow

November 4th, 2011 abcarc15

turns out my jacket can handle weather on both coasts

While it’s been nearly a week since our unexpected blizzard hit campus, the piles here and there of snow continue to remind me to put on the boots and pull on a jacket. I knew that going to school in Worcester would mean I’d get my fair share of exposure to snow. I didn’t realize it was going to start in late October, though!
Last weekend was Family Weekend. While my family was still across the country, I discovered that it was still a nice change of pace to see people other than 18-21 year olds walking up and down the hills of HC. Getting a chance to meet the families of some of my new friends was also a highlight.

Used to performing choral recitals to rows of family members my whole life, I was worried that my first College Choir concert at Holy Cross would prove to be disappointing without mom or dad there to see me. However, the friendly attitudes of the students were very encouraging and I realized that we were all singing as a community and each of us was being celebrated as proud students of the college.

I had been very excited for Halloween this year. It’s always been a favorite holiday of mine (right up there with Christmas), so I was psyched to experience it at a college level. The snow may have given a winter wonderland vibe to the campus, but the students were definitely in more of a spooky mood. There was a Haunted House in Healy and decorations were put up all over halls on campus. My hall even painted miniature pumpkins together one night.

The snow may have altered some of our plans, seeing how wicked cold [check me out and my East Coast lingo] it was outside on Saturday night. There wasn’t reason to worry, however. Decked out in costumes and the whole nine yards, there’s still fun to be had wherever you are on the hill.

cold outside? come on in dinand and study!

School hasn’t been all fun and games. I had a midterm in my Russian Cinema class on Monday and had to turn in a paper for Montserrat just yesterday. To help me out with these assignments, among others, a quick [or not] stop at Dinand Library is always an excellent option. I’m even here right now!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted in the future. Hope your November is headed off to a great start!

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